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Digital Life Sponsor Meeting
MIT Media Laboratory
May 5, 2005

This meeting is open only to sponsors of the Digital Life consortium at the MIT Media Lab.
If you are interested in sponsorship, please see: http://www.media.mit.edu/sponsors/index.html
Sponsors, visit insite for webcast and presentation archive



Thursday, May 5

8:00 AM:


Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM:


Welcome and Updates: Andy Lippman
V. Michael Bove, Jr., Consumer Electronics Lab

8:45 AM:


Horizons Far

Building Biology: Joe Jacobson

Liquid Communications: David Reed

Building Better People: Hugh Herr

The Future of the Mind: Push Singh

10:00 AM:



10:30 AM:


Horizons Near

Audio-Based Localization: Ben Dalton, Object-Based Media

TViews: Ali Mazalek, Media Fabrics

placeMap: Building Community Through Active Context Mapping: Matthew Hockenberry, Context-Aware Computing

PokerFaces: Hiding and Revealing in Online Poker Games: Scott Golder, Sociable Media

ReachMedia: Assaf Feldman, Ambient Intelligence

Meaning as Planning: Peter Gorniak, Cognitive Machines

One Highly Probable Future of Music: Brian Whitman, Music, Mind & Machine

The Huggable: Dan Stiehl, Robotic Life

Intermediaries: Stefan Marti, Speech Interfaces

A Goal-Oriented User Interface for the Semantic Web: Alex Faaborg, Software Agents

Scratch: John Maloney, Lifelong Kindergarten
Hookups: Amon Millner, Lifelong Kindergarten

The World as a Palette: Kimiko Ryokai, Tangible Media     

12:00 PM:



1:30 PM:


The $100 Laptop: Nicholas Negroponte         

1:45 PM:


Wikipedia: Jimmy Wales, Wikimedia Foundation

2:15 PM:


Sponsor Collaborations

Project Mercury: Sandy Pentland

BT: Jonathan Mitchener

Nortel: Deborah Stokes

NTT Comware: Ichiro Kase

3:00-6:00 PM:


Research Open House throughout the Media Lab























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